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Mon Feb 18 10:37:14 PST 2008

Yeah, I think Maggie was planning to enter.  I'm still waiting for news 
of results.


Caointiarn wrote:
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> I just had to laugh at this from Duke Jonathan von Troitha.
> Any Aten cooks need to take him up on his challenge. He's too
> thin.
> Gunthar
> Please repost to any appropriate lists...After a year hiatus and by popular 
> demand (and those running combat cookery), The CPQBB (Committee for the 
> Preservation of Quality Banana Bread) will again host the Estrella War 
> Banana Bread Bakeoff on Thursday evening of Estrella War. This ancient and 
> venerable competition has become a highlight in the minds of many (well… at 
> least the judges). Location: Grand Court PavilionTime: Thursday, 7:00 PM in 
> conjunction with the tasting of each combat cookery team's dishes and 
> awards.Bake Off Prizes: Various prizes will be given.Rules and Legal 
> Jargonese: All entries must be made by the entrant, but do not need to be 
> made on site. Both breads with and without nuts will be acceptable. Winner 
> will be chosen by a panel of well-qualified judges who have all passed the 
> CPQBB exhaustive pre-judging questionnaire and qualification review. Breads 
> will be judged and prizes awarded in two categories, traditional and 
> creative. Contrary to popular belief the CPQBB is not just a front set up by 
> Duke Jonathon to aid in the acquisition of Banana Bread… there are other 
> people involved as well. Entries will be judged without the judges knowing 
> who produced the entry. Judges will provide their own butter or spread of 
> choice. Duke Jonathon and the CPQBB maintain no responsibility for the 
> remains of entries making it back to the entrant, as it is expected that any 
> crumbs left by the judges will be pilfered by wannabe judges and mooches who 
> unlike His Grace did not come up with this brilliant idea to get his fill of 
> banana bread.

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