[Sca-cooks] Feast costs/budgets

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 19 10:22:20 PST 2008

> Concerning the cost for feast: I find it reveling that
> the same folks who often quibble at the cost of a
> multi course, well prepared meal, usually with> entertainment, will soon after leaving the site stop
> for lunch at a chain restaurant (i.e. Denny's or Cracker
> Barrel) and spend two or three times what they> spent on feast.
But looking at this from the other side as to why people
so often skip feast is the fact that if you go to Denny's
or Cracker Barrel you know what you are getting for your
money.  I have attended far too many feasts where I 
didn't get value for my dollar and had to grab something
to eat after I left site. I've also eaten amazing meals for
a great bargan at feast. I usually don't mind rolling the dice
and seeing what I get but some folk aren't that adventurious.
Some people leave site before feast because they have a
long way to drive and need to get on the road sometime
before 9:00. 
I think one reason too many people skip feast is because they
have had too many bad experiences from poorly trained cooks.
This is the risk we take being that the vast majority of feast
cooks are amateurs and often the only people a group can get
to go through all the work of a feast. 
One thing all the Kingdoms need to do is have more successful
feast cooks go and assist in kitchens. One problem I have found
is that even some cooks who are not very good feel they are
great and resent anyone trying to help them improve.
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