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Tue Feb 19 12:00:25 PST 2008

Lucrezia wrote:
>Has anyone seen this book:
>The Spice Route: A History, by John Keay. Berkeley: University of
>California Press, 2006, [first published by John Murray Ltd., London]

  It's not a history of spices per se or of exotic land cultures. It's 
about the spice route, which in reality was primarily by sea, and the 
development of navigation and exploration, economic and political 
competition, etc. It includes 32 color illustrations and three modern 
maps. And it is footnoted and has an excellent and extensive 
bibliography of both primary and secondary resources.

As one blurb on the jacket says:
"With the aid of ancient geographies, travelers' accounts, mariners' 
handbooks, ships' logs, and other treatises, Keay reconstructs the 
shifting spice routes."

I picked it up recently and enjoyed it immensely.

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