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Ah, Peeps...we have one young lady who gets Peeps all through the year, and saves them up for Gulf Wars. At least one night, we have a huge bonfire, just for the kiddies. We give them?slender Oak branches and marshmallows. 
Have you ever watched a roasting Peep over a roaring fire?

Interesting, in a bazaar, cruel manner...and according to Tinkerbelle, tasty.


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But in August those Easter Peeps are really stale. On the other hand
at Easter they are might be fresh or at least fresher than in August.

> You're six months early for Pennsic Peep time in this list.
> That being said... I better get that book for my protege before he gets 
> it for me.  Bwaha.
> Selene
> Johnnae wrote:
>> Peeps! Recipes and Crafts to Make with Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat
>> by Charity Ferreira

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