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Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 19 12:56:28 PST 2008

Johnna Holloway
>Lilinah wrote:
>  > In that regard, i'm interested in two books (not for bread machine
>  > bread, and not SCA-period) and i wonder if anyone here has used
>  > either one:
>  >
>  > -- Flatbreads and flavors : a baker's atlas
>  > -- by Jeffrey Alford
>  >
>  > -- Savory Baking From The Mediterranean : Focaccias, Flatbreads,
>  > Rusks, Tarts, And Other Breads
>  > -- by Helou, Anissa
>Yes. I'd recommend getting both but you know I buy books in volume.
>Helou also did the Mediterranean Street Food book.

Yes, i have this book. Great fun. I haven't yet had the opportunity 
to eat street food in the Levant, but i did in Morocco and France. 
And while irrelevant to Helou's book, i ate plenty of street food 
when i lived in Indonesia.

>The Alfords have done a number of volumes.
>You ought to be able to examine them at or through a larger public library.
>You might want to borrow and xerox a few recipes from both and try them
>out. Depends on what you are looking for exactly.

At this point, experimenting with traditional flat bread recipes... 
once i get some experience, i can focus more.

>The Alfords take an anthropological approach that combines travel with
>recipes from far flung corners of the globe. Their book also includes China,
>Central Asia, India, Nepal, Eastern Mediterranean, Morocco, Europe and
>North America. The table of contents is up on Amazon.

Cool. Last year my daughter got me "The Ethnomusicologist's Cookbook" 
as a gift, and i have an academic background in anthropology.

Anyway, both appeal to me, so i may just go ahead and get them. I'll 
check out the table of contents on Amazon - thanks for pointing that 
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