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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
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PKSARGE at aol.com wrote:

>On another but related topic. The first feast I did on my own I had done all 
>the research, planning and most of the purchasing (using up most of the 
>budget) when I was informed, the weekend before the event, that I was also expected 
>to prepare breakfast for Saturday and Sunday, all out of the same budget. When 
>I questioned this I was informed that it was a standard expectation in our 
>Kingdom (Meridies). I satisfied this commitment but it was an extremely long day 
>and if not for a very dedicated staff feast would have suffered. I have done 
>a couple of more small feasts since then and have made accommodations for 
>breakfast. Is this a standard practice throughout the SCA? I find that this really 
>impacts my focus on feast and would like to find some way to pass on 
>breakfeast. Should I consider a written contract that specifies my "services" for for 

Definitely not the norm here.  If we have more than one meal at an 
event, each one will have its own staff and budget.  It's not reasonable 
to expect a feast cook to do more than one meal.  I think a contract is 
probably overkill, but this is definitely something you need to discuss 
with the event Steward/Autocrat beforehand and make it perfectly clear 
what you are (and are not) willing to do. 

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