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><snip>Have you ever watched a roasting Peep over a roaring fire?
>Excuse a question from a daft Aussie but what the h*ck is a Peep?

Marshmallows in animal shapes, dusted with colored sugar. The most 
common ones come out at Easter, in the shapes of bunnies and chicks- 
hence the name 'Peeps'. Peeps are fun to abuse. You can stick 
toothpicks in two of them, position them opposite each other in the 
microwave, turn it on and watch them 'joust'. I made a 'peep show' a 
few years back with ghost-shaped Halloween Peeps. I made them into 
Vikings with the addition of bits of pretzels for the horned helmets, 
constructed a longboat (loaf of French bread and a croissant) and a 
village to raid (dinner rolls with shredded wheat for thatched roofs, 
etc). It was for a Halloween event and was lots of fun. I've also 
seem massed battles set up with Peeps. Waaaay too much possibility for fun!

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