[Sca-cooks] Pottery Baking (was: The Tiniest Little Gloat)

Helen Schultz meisterin02 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 17:23:57 PST 2008

Oops, this was supposed to go to the list <sigh>.

I thought that pottery jug the Tudor Guys cooked in was already properly fired, then broken when the meat inside was cooked, since it wouldn't slide out because of the shape of the jug (narrow neck, wide body). <shrug>  So, they wouldn't be putting raw food into what is basically dried clay and then firing it in a kiln.  I guess it is possible they had a jug that wasn't completely fired, but it was fired first, then baked in the coals for the food inside to cook.  But, maybe I didn't read their description properly??

Also, I thought the original post was that the Tudor Guys were able to get their big fireplace up to nearly pottery heats, not that they actually used it to fire pottery <grin>.
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