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Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 19 19:12:28 PST 2008

Here is another one with more detail and some references:
Type of Cheese          Date of Earliest Reference              Reference
Feta                    {1184BC}                                [1]
Sbrinz                  "...Roman times..."                     [6]
Romano                  "...since the time of Christ..."        [6]
Cantal                  "...to the time of the Gauls..."        [6]
Munster                 8th Century                             [6]
Gorgonzola              879AD/11th century                      [1], [6]
Roquefort               1070AD/"was the favorite cheese         [1], [6]
                        of Charlemagne and King Charles VI"
Wensleydale             {1150AD}                                [4]
Grana                   1200AD/13th Century                     [1], [6]
Fontina                 13th Century; "favorite of the          [6]
                                Duke of Savoy"
Beaufort                {1267AD}                                [2]
Emmental(aka "Swiss")   {1267AD}                                [2]
Comte                   {1267AD}                                [2]
Cheddar                 1500AD                                  [1]
Parmesan                1579AD/{1200AD-1300AD}                  [1], [3]
Gouda                   1697AD                                  [1]
Gloucester              1697AD                                  [1]
Stilton                 1785AD                                  [1]
Camembert               1791AD                                  [1], [5]

{} signifies I consider that the date is dubious.
/  two dates reported

[1] http://www.efr.hw.ac.uk/SDA/book1.html
[2] http://www.franceway.com/cheese/history.htm
[3] http://www.parmigiano-reggiano.it/estoria.htm
[4] http://www.wensleydale-creamery.co.uk/history.htm
[5] http://www.camembert-country.com/cwp/cam_hise.htm and
[6] http://wgx.com/cheesenet/wci/

Compiled by 
Brian of Trollfen
Bxs3829 at usl.edu

I have this little list, but I would definitely check these dates.  I seem
to recall it being cobbled together from the Food Timeline or some such,
which is suspect at best for accuracy.  But, it gives you a starting place.
I thought I had more on this particular issue, but I can't find it just now,
you should definitely check out the Florilegium. 
Good Luck!

Cheese Variety          Year(AD) 
--------------          -------- 
Gorgonzola              879 
Roquefort               1070 
Grana                   1200 
Cheddar                 1500 
Parmesan                1579 
Gouda                   1697 
Gloucester              1697 
Stilton                 1785 
Camembert               1791

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