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I don't know why I got this 3 times, but its wonderful and I'm very grateful

This is a pot luck appetizer I must prepare and the cheezes for that reason 
Would be perfect, especially paired with fresh fruits and crackers of some

I didn't see any Spanish cheeses there but I have found a Gallician Tetilla,
Does anyone have any references on this cheese?
I think putting it with a Fontina, Munster, and Cheshire would properly
Represent all the countries themed at this rapier event.

Will the Munster and Cheshire pair well with the Tetilla and Fontina?
Thank you so much! This has been very helpful.
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Cheshire           54BC  "Julius Caesar discovers the Britons making..."
Gruyere            1722   "introduced into France"
Referenced in Trager, James, The Food Chronology.
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Here is another one with more detail and some references:
Type of Cheese          Date of Earliest Reference              Reference
Feta                    {1184BC}                                [1]
Sbrinz                  "...Roman times..."                     [6]
Romano                  "...since the time of Christ..."        [6]
Cantal                  "...to the time of the Gauls..."        [6]
Munster                 8th Century                             [6]
Gorgonzola              879AD/11th century                      [1], [6]
Roquefort               1070AD/"was the favorite cheese         [1], [6]
                        of Charlemagne and King Charles VI"
Wensleydale             {1150AD}                                [4]
Grana                   1200AD/13th Century                     [1], [6]
Fontina                 13th Century; "favorite of the          [6]
                                Duke of Savoy"
Beaufort                {1267AD}                                [2]
Emmental(aka "Swiss")   {1267AD}                                [2]
Comte                   {1267AD}                                [2]
Cheddar                 1500AD                                  [1]
Parmesan                1579AD/{1200AD-1300AD}                  [1], [3]
Gouda                   1697AD                                  [1]
Gloucester              1697AD                                  [1]
Stilton                 1785AD                                  [1]
Camembert               1791AD                                  [1], [5]
{} signifies I consider that the date is dubious.
/  two dates reported
[1] http://www.efr.hw.ac.uk/SDA/book1.html
[2] http://www.franceway.com/cheese/history.htm
[3] http://www.parmigiano-reggiano.it/estoria.htm
[4] http://www.wensleydale-creamery.co.uk/history.htm
[5] http://www.camembert-country.com/cwp/cam_hise.htm and
[6] http://wgx.com/cheesenet/wci/
Compiled by
Brian of Trollfen
Bxs3829 at usl.edu
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