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In your 3rd course you have two chicken dishes, with half a chicken per
table. How many people per table are you planning on serving? I typically
serve a whole chicken for a table of 8. Your two chicken dishes will
achieve this, however, I anticipate that people will only get to try one or
the other if served mostly whole. Depending how the table is served and the
"hunger" of the feast goers, some individuals may not get any portion of
chicken. If you instead just decide to use one of the chicken dishes, then
at least ideally everyone at the table should be able to get a fair portion
of the chicken. Just as a quick glance, this should be doable at $7/head.
You can solicit local grocery stores for donations and/or discounts to help
mitigate the costs. You can also see if anyone in your local group is
willing to donate spices.


On Wed, 20 Feb 2008 12:56:15 -0500, "Kerri Martinsen"
<kerrimart at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Ok folks,
> This is for Night on the Town in April in Atlantia...
> I've been doing a lot of work on my menu and budgeting to make sure I'm
> not
> going over my $7/head.  I'll be doing testing this next month.
> Here is my menu:  Any thoughts?  It has been over 2 yrs since I've done a
> feast and I'm a little rusty.
> *1st*
> Pie in a Pipkin (beef stew)
> Vegetable soup w/ barley - (still looking for a source)
> flat bread/ crackers
> Torta Sambucea (elderflower & ricotta cheese pie)
> *Intermezzo*
> Lemon Ice with Pizzelle Cookies
> *2nd*
> Stuffed Fish (Neopolitan #79) - Sea Bass wrapped in parchment & baked
> Orzo
> Insalata di carote cotte - salad of roasted carrots
> Peas with salt pork (Neo #21)  - may pull this - it is only good steaming
> hot.
> Italian Mushle (shell bread – sweet)
> *Intermezzo*
> Hand made Cheese  (fontine, parmesan, mozzerella, Mascarpne)
> Machete bread (baked fresh)
> In season Fruit garnish
> *3rd*
> Chicken w/ lemon sauce (Neopoltian #56)  (1/2 chicken per table)
> Catalan Style Chicken (Neapolitan #61) (1/2 chicken per table)
> Minestra di Tagliatelli (handmade noodles – plain)
> *Insalate di verdura - green salad*
> Armored Turnips ? (may pull this)
> *Finale*
> Dried Fruit Pizza (To make a tart with various things, by the residents
> Naples called pizza.  Scappi, Chapter 121)
> thanks for any advice.
> Vitha
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