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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 20 10:49:18 PST 2008

In the mindset of television personalities not being who
they seem:
"Tony Bourdain Is A Really Nice Guy"
AP (2008) Television's "bad boy" chef and travel host
Tony Bourdain has been exposed as a fraud. The author
of "Kitchen Confidential", "A Cook's Tour" and several gritty
mystery novels has built a reputation of drug addiction,
smoking, cursing and "In your face" machismo. 
But the truth is far less intimidating. Tony, or "Anthony" as
he prefers to be called in private, is a dedicated church
going father of three with three more adopted Chinese
children. He doesn't smoke or drink, saying they are just
props on his top rated Travel Channel show. He doesn't
even curse saying that they add beeps to make him appear
to be more "gritty". If you take out the beeps he is actually
saying such shocking epitaths as "golly", "goshdarn" and
the ocassional "poopie". 
Anthony donates heavily to charity and is a stauch supporter
of the GOP and conservative causes. He even takes off his
angry world-weary personna to don casual suits and preach
at evengelical churches throughout the world. "Anthony is
such a sweet guy and very dedicated to Our Lord, Jesus
Christ.", says Nick Romano who is Anthony's sound man, 
"He makes sure to find the closest church at any of our locations
so that he can attend services and donate heavily to the local
Anthony Bourdain is also working with the Disney foundation
to make a fun kid-friendly restaurant at Disneyworld. "I want
a place where kids can go where they have a great time and
learn about how delicious healthy food can be while being given
a message on living right in this overcommercialized and junk
food ridden society they have been thrust in."
The interview was cut short because Anthony had to take his
family of 6 and lovely wife of 20 years on a roller blading tour
of Central Park.
-Louissa Sweet
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