[Sca-cooks] Professional indignation, was: Wow. Robert Irvine exposed

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 20 11:48:59 PST 2008

Christine Seelye-King wrote:
>>> I agree that the word "chef" has become bandied about rather liberally
>>> lately from the meaning of a true chef. Nowadays it seems that
>>> anyone who graduates from the spate of cooking schools that have
>>> sprung up around the country can be called a chef.
> Or not.  They call me Chef Selene in the local SCA, despite my 
> protestations of lack of paperwork to that effect.
> So where did Irvine buy his cookery degree?  I'd love to have a 
> five-star pigskin, just for grins and giggles.
> Selene
> *splut*sputter*snort*
> ACK!!
> no no No NO NO! Graduating from a training program does NOT make you a chef.
> When I graduated from my apprenticeship, I got a certificate from the Labor
> Dept. saying I was a Certified Cook.  My ACF creds stated that I was a
> Certified Culinarian.  We've talked about this before, but the CHEF title
> only comes from time, experience, and having the job that carries the title
> and the responsibilities.  You can get certified as a Chef, but only after
> putting in a set amount of time holding that title among other requirements.
> I tell kids going into or soon-to-come-out-of culinary schools all the time
> that they will NOT be a chef when they come out, they will just be ready to
> start learning.  (Especially culinary schools, at least apprentices get the
> benefit of real-world work knowledge!) 
OK, who actually certifies one as a "Chef" anyway?  Is it an advanced 
degree of the culinary schools?  Granted after grad work and 
"internships" and "residencies" like a medical doctor?  I want to know.
> I've had several people in the academic field tell me I should just go ahead
> and buy myself a Bachelor's Degree from somewhere, but I have always thought
> it seemed wrong, someone somewhere would find out (hello? Mr. Irvine?).  But
> buying a culinary degree sticks in my craw even worse!  LOL (I know you were
> joking, Selene, at least I hope so!)  
Yes, I'm kidding. 

> What will we think of next - buying a
> Peerage?  (I have two, maybe I could sell one....NOT)  Oh, wait, Irvine just
> went ahead and claimed his Knighthood, so no purchase is necessary, I guess.
European peerage titles can be bought.  The SCA, not so much.  Happily.


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