[Sca-cooks] Subtleties was Feast costs/budgets

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 20 12:24:24 PST 2008

> >> > Olwen the Odd wrote:> >>> >> Most subtleties are paid for here in Bright Hills as well, and we budget in garnishes as well. For years I just donated them but then the Guild decided to pay for them. Once in a while they get something unexpected as a "gift".> >>> >> At our last event my apprentice, Lady Katherine O'Carroll, made a marzipan jester (which she better post pictures of on the Solties list along with her description) which she first put in the A&S display with her documentation and then it was presented to the High Table, most specifically to our Baroness to take home to her husband who loves the stuff.> >>> > Squee! I want to see the marzipan jester please.> >> > I would be pathetically easy to poison, loving the flavour of almonds as> > I do.> >> > Selene, unemployed court jester [nobody's fool]> > _______________________________________________> > > I just wrote to Katherine and told her to post the pictures, information, etc on the solties list. > > Olwen> _________________________________________________________________
Katherine has posted her missive and pictures to the Subtilties list.  Fiona wrote me and said she had links to pictures as well and I suggested she post those here but I haven't seen them yet.  Fiona.....??
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