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<<< I used to always give cookbooks.
(I know who would have thought that I would come up with that idea.)


>  snipped
> make sure that I give my personal thanks to the staff and present each
> person with a small token of my thanks. I have only recently begun  
> to do
> this, but there are always things I learn with each feast I do.
> Euriol
> The last few feasts I did, I made a habit of gifting the primary  
> assistants
> (maybe 8 or 10) with ounces of spice in little sealed jars.  It is a
> personna thing as well as a way to get them accustomed to the spices.
> Nothing huge, but worth the effort to do it when you can.
> niccolo difrancesco >>>

Oh my. I was already behind in reading this list, although I always  
try to at least scan each day's digests. But there were 14! digests  
yesterday, a daily record I think. So I missed the first part of this  
thread and don't know what the original question was. However,  
headcooks wondering what they might give out as personal thank-you  
gifts for those that helped them with the feast might consider this  
file of interest:
gifts-4-staff-msg (14K) 12/ 1/06    Gift suggestions for members of  
the event
                                        stewards or headcooks staff.

There is also this file. But after cooking and tasting period cooking  
all day, this idea might not go over as well as at other times.
food-gifts-msg    (32K)  5/ 3/07    Period food items that make good  

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