[Sca-cooks] Recipes?

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Recipes aren't everything. There are reseaarch helps and hints, sources that we may not be able to come up with on our own, Mass Cooking techniques for unusual circumstances and the Drakey Stories and the Evil Spawn stories. 

This list has everything. Do Not Change a Thing.

Aand there is always the Delete Button if the conversation is not your thing.


Going back to lurking, now....

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onsidering someone left for us not posting enough
ecipes I am wondering if we are not providing what
eople want. I mean I've seen it that if someone
omes on with a specific request we will provide
ecipes or sources. But have we not spent enough
ime posting redactions or recipes?

've heard Cooks list has too much of a noise:info
atio but is that true? We talk about a lot but
 feel we also are here to answer pretty much
ny question.

 guess we need to start the "Spoon Tease" ban

hat do you think?

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