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Gunthar wrote:
>My first thought is Hannoey, scrambled eggs with sauteed
>Then there is also pain pardieu, French Toast. Hard and Soft
>boiled eggs. Toast covered with honey and pine nuts.

Just to make it easier for cooks to find recipes... (and i know that 
spelling varies historically)
- Hanoney (hay-non-ee)
- Pan perdu

Although i do find your spelling of that French bread thing amusing 
-- "par dieu" means "by God". "Perdu" means "lost" and the recipe is 
a way to deal with stale bread.

I travelled to my first Estrella War from the Central West in an RV 
full of fighters, most of whom claimed that they did not like period 
food. I cooked pan perdu for breakfast and they definitely scarfed it 
down and came back for more.

I did do one thing not in any of the original recipes, of which there 
are many. Most call for sprinkling the finished cooked bread with 
sugar, but I don't like crunchy white sugar on mine. So i made a 
syrup of sugar with saffron, rosewater, and various called-for 
spices. None of those fighters complained.

One of our intrepid listees did a paper collecting many recipes for 
pan perdu a few years back
'From Lost Bread to French Toast' by Christianna MacGrain

And another collected three recipes
Period French Toast Recipes by Hauviette d'Anjou

And, of course, our hard-working Stefan li Rous has collected many of 
our discussions on this topic:

All in the Florilegium -- maybe if people know how to pronounce it, 
the word won't be so confusing - sort of floor-ih-LEDGE-ee-um)
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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