[Sca-cooks] Current farm prices and affects on feast budgeting

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Kiri wrote:
>Actually, the problem wasn't sorting out the cost of the dayboard vs. feast
>cost.  It was more a matter of the 50 or 75 people who were offboard, so
>hadn't paid anything toward the cost of the food... and my being told that,
>no, we can't give you a dollar or two per head from the day trip fees
>because our Kingdom financial policy didn't allow for that!
>One solution they came up with was to have a person standing at the dayboard
>display asking to see the feast tokens of those who were participating in
>the dayboard!  Right.  And how does that fit in with our concepts of
>hospitality and courtesy???

Well, it sucks that it ended up coming out of your pocket.

Since there's no budget for food at our camping events, for the past 
several years, Ana Serra and i have been doing dayboards by donation. 
That is, we have no set price and request that diners donate what 
they think it's worth. Then anything over our cost was donated to 
whatever group was the sponsor of the event, earmarked for a 
particular office. At the Mists-Cynagua Wars (each spring and fall), 
it went to the host Principality, the first two for the water bearers 
of the host principality, the second two to the youth marshals; at 
the one Kingdom event we did it went into the Chatelaines' funds.

We always made our money back. However, the second to the last we 
did, two things were against us: one, it was cold and rainy so there 
was a crowd of impecunious youth hanging out under Ana's sunshade 
slurping down our soups (and it seemed too inhospitable to shoo them 
out into the cold and wet), plus the Princess decided to give 
sandwiches away - a nice idea, but it rather cut into those who came 
to us - and we ended up scrimping on our own repayment in order to 
make the donations.

Anyway, we're taking a break from doing dayboards this year. We were 
tired of doing it all ourselves and we had been hoping to encourage 
some others to join us, but that didn't happen - although i think 
perhaps we didn't work hard enough to recruit.

But if you had support either from a household or the sponsoring 
branch (advertising, shopping, cooking, serving), you might be able 
to do by-donation dayboards and not be stuck for all your 
out-of-pocket expenses.
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