[Sca-cooks] Culinary Symposium November 14-16, 2008

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Wed Feb 20 14:57:29 PST 2008

Was sent this off another list.  Figured as I have not seen it on our list it would be of interest.  Please ignor the do not repost text at the bottom of the message.


Please feel free to distribute this far and wide. 

We would like to cordially invite you to a Culinary Symposium for 
those with any interest in historical food.
There will be everything from hands on cooking over fire, feast 
planning and preparation, to research presentations. This event will 
be held in AnTir, in the Barony of Dragon's Laire (Belfair, 
Washington) the weekend of November 14-16, 2008. 

We are currently recruiting additional teachers and taking requests 
for classes. This is your chance to take that class that you've 
always wanted, or share your knowledge and passion with others.

There are currently plans to have 1 basic track of classes, 1 
Intermediate track, and two advanced tracks-each track will be a 
combination of hands on and information based learning. There will 
be an entire lecture track sponsored by college of Ithra, you can 
find further information about the college of ithra here: 

Requested classes so far:
Period wines
Period mustard sauces,
Simple camp cooking
Advanced camp cooking
Finding and using period sources
Period recipes using boil in bag technique
Eating from your cooler/ the medieval picnic

Offered classes/ activities so far:
Early period / Norse foods
Medieval Pottery, Form and Function
Cooking in pottery over fire
Kitchen management / scheduling (i.e. menu planning, cooking / prep
space rotation, etc)
Middle eastern food
Period banquet etiquette,
Period table setting and tableware
Redacting from period sources, period varieties of veggies/fruit
fire tending as needed for cooking
Late Period Spanish food
French Renaissance cooking
Dutch oven cooking
Late-period Scottish cooking
Welsh food
Clay baking ovens
Cheese making
Ottoman/Persian food
Making marzipan
Marzipan sculpture

The Price for the weekend is $40 per person + $3 NMS. This includes 
sleeping accommodations Friday, and Saturday night as well as 
breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday.
The Price for one day is $20 per person + $3 NMS. This includes 
breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday.

Some classes my have additonal fees to cover the cost of materials, 
class information will be posted as soon as it's available. 

The site is a campground with sleeping accommodations available. 
There are 92 spots total, 62 in heated cabins, some in yurts, and 
the last spaces being mattresses in a loft. There will be additional 
limited space for those who would just like to come for the day. 
Please get your reservations in early as we have a finite number of 
sleeping spaces. Spaces will be assigned first come- first served 
with the heated cabins going first (unless someone specifically 
requests a yurt). All you need to bring is yourself, feast gear, and 
bedding. If you are coming from out of kingdom you can make advanced 
arrangements if you are unable to bring your own bedding. With 
advanced noticed we will also be able to supply some cooking 
equipment and supplies for those coming from out of area to teach.

Here are some images of the site (including one of the yurts):

This is a girl scout camp, so it's a bone dry site (no alcohol at 
all, not even for cooking). We are looking into whether brewing and 
vinting might be allowed as it wouldn't be alcoholic at that point. 

For reservations please contact THL Liu Xian at: 
liuxiansca at hotmail.com

To volunteer or request a class please contact the event stewards 
(aka autocrats) at: foodiejoy at gmail.com 
For each of the classes you'd like to teach, please send me the 
following information: 
Class name
Class size Minimum and Maximum
Supplies, equipment and facilities needed for this class (including 
what you need us to provide, and what you need us to reimburse you 
Class time length 
What you consider to be the experience level: basic, intermediate, 
or advanced. 

Please feel free to contact the Events Stewards, Lady Margret Elwald 
of Dragon's Laire and HL Raffaella di Contino at 
foodiejoy at gmail.com with any comments, questions or needs.

There will be ongoing updates as we get more class offerings, and an 
interactive forum to help arrange classes, ride shares and share 

We also have forums set up to discuss classes, and help arrange ride 
shares, you can find them at: http://www.dragonslaire.org/cs-

Thank you, 
The extreamly excited foodie event steward team. :)

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