[Sca-cooks] Late Italian feast

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Wed Feb 20 14:42:24 PST 2008

Euriol wrote:
>Nothing wrong with serving the chicken in pieces, but I do like the
>presentation factor of a whole bird. I also accompany my whole chickens
>with both a carving knife & serving fork (as all my dishes I try to have an
>appropriate serving utensil sent to the table).

It's a nice idea... but... one does not always find that among one's 
tablemates is someone skilled at carving a fowl.

I would serve pieces with sauce on the side to save some grief, 
unless i could guarantee that all the dishes in my feast could be 
served in a very period manner...

I know i have to supply all cookware, serving dishes, and utensils 
when i cook a feast - yeah, i don't own everything, and i can 
sometimes borrow from other cooks, but i can't count on it.

And i know i can't afford to buy 10 or 12 carving knives and 10 or 12 
meat serving forks to add to my collection. Every time i do a feast i 
buy more equipment, little by little. I figure by the time i am fully 
physically incapacitated to cook a feast, i'll have what i needed 
when i could.
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