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The question that always puzzles me on this, is does one use mustard seed,
powdered mustard seed, or period mustard sauce when mustard is called for
in these recipes?

I've seen people do this sauce with pre-made brown or dijon mustard and I
wondered about it.

> Barbe Robert
> (From The Vivendier)
> Firstly, to make a Barbe Robert.  Get a little clear water and set it to
> boil with some butter; then add in wine, mustard, verjuice and such spices
> and as strong as you like, and let everything boil together.  Then get
> your pieces of chicken, put them in and let them boil only briefly; then
> roast them.  Watch that there is a reasonable amount of broth.  It should
> be colored a little with saffron.
> In le Grand Cuisinier (1583) there is a mention of a sauce Barbe Robert,
> sauce already found in le Viandier under the name "taillemaslée"
> onions, verjus, vinegar, mustard) for roasted rabbit, fry fish and fry
> egg.
> François Rabelais (Circa 1483-1553)in le Quart-Livre, mention:
> the one who invented the sauce Robert indispensable for roast, rabbits,
> duck, pork, poached eggs..."
> la Varenne (1651, French), who uses capers to jazz up the common medieval
> Sauce Robert. Yum! Mustard, vinegar, capers, green onions and butter,
> whisked till smooth. Taillevent and friends use it on fish, la Varenne
> recommends it on boar and other meats.
> Olwen
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>>> Sauce "bob" and STC are still the favorites though.
>> I know Savory toasted cheese, but what is Sauce "Bob"? No spoon teasing
>> now!
>> Ranvaig
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