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The Principality shouldn't be the one with the food equipment it should be
the Baronies and Shire's.
Perhaps now is a good time to start asking your local group to acquire
cooking equipment. Present a list and cost of what is needed and wanted so
that the group can over time acquire such items or people can donate and/or
people might find the item on sale.
Ex: I acquired shallow rectangular baskets from Wal-Mart for $3 ea.,
normally $9 because they were on clearance. I then donated them to my Shire.
My groups first feast, we used a school's kitchen but it was minimally
stocked w/equipment as they were a small school. so we borrowed from a near
by Shire. Since then we have been accumulating cooking and serving
equipment. We still have a ways to go but we will not have to borrow as much
from the other group.
Your one problem may be storage.


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Well, our Principality doesn't own a darn thing food related.

And the West cooks guild doesn't own anything, either, although it
finally got a web site a year or so ago...

We cooks are on our own. Sometimes a site has some stuff, but we
can't rely on that. One time i helped at a feast and the site had
great pots and other equipment. The next year i was head cooking a
feast at the same site and there was NOTHING - they'd locked it all
away somewhere months before. Since we used the site annually, there
was no need to visit it prior to the feast. Good thing i'd bought a
few big pots and brought most of my kitchen with me...

So we cooks must be self-reliant and we often loan stuff to each
other, but sometimes there just isn't enough. For my most recent
feast i bought a lot more serving dishes - especially bowls with a
flange-lip for servers to grip for serving soup. I still need more of
them... To augment what i could afford, I had to borrow some very
Victorian-looking tureens from another cook.
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