[Sca-cooks] Subtleties was Feast costs/budgets

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Feb 20 21:45:50 PST 2008

After Euriol's post I stand a wee bit corrected.
"Special expensive dishes presented at a feast intended for the consumption
of only a few people is allowed, although strongly discouraged."
It was to my understand from an exchequer that the special expensive dishes,
which would include subtelties were not allowed, not that it was "strongly


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 From my article that appeared in TI last year-- subtleties are defined
historically as
"MED defines subtleties as “A culinary decoration for the table, a
course of a meal, or a particular dish, freq. in the form of a
historical or religious tableau; also, a device to make a culinary dish
seem something it is not.”
If they exist to provide a table decoration or presentation to the head
table and are eaten by the head table, you seem
to be saying they are illegal and cannot be paid for by the feast. If
they are not eaten, they can be paid for. If presented
to the royalty and then passed around or left on a table to be eaten by
the peasants, then they can be paid for by the feast.
This payment is dependent on the feast having monies to reimburse people
at all.


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