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I'd be happy to.

I live in the Barony of Endless Hills in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. When I
first arrived here they had quite a collection already of feast cooking &
serving equipment. The collection, apparently, has been put together over
many years (I think 20+ years from it's incipiency as a shire). This
included getting over 70 glass pyrex like pie plates at 4/$1.00 a few years
back. The barony owns all the cooking equipment and is kept in the care of
the baronial cook's guild. It appears that previous purchase were done on a
case by case basis, including the recent purchase of a Nesco roaster to
replace one that was no longer functioning. This year as part of the budget
for the barony, $100 was approved for additional equipment to be determined
by the Cook's Guild. In speaking with other member's of the Cook's Guild I
suggested focusing on purchasing equipment that was neither in the Barony's
inventory or in my own personal inventory (which I brought with me when I
moved from West). The top of the list was tongs.

If a local group is going to endeavor in supporting an inventory of cooking
equipment, I would suggest the following. Determine the attendance at a
typical feast for the group (80? 120? 200?) and the typical number of
dishes served in a course of food (2? 4? 6?). Based on this determine what
are the maximum number of serving pieces needed to put out to table a
single course of food. (16 large bowls, 16 platters, 16 small bowls,
etc...) Then I would prioritize the list of what needs to be obtained
first. Solicit donations and see if the local group will allocate funds.
Consider having a fund raiser(s) that will help provide monies needed to
make purchases. Then have fun shopping! Some stores might provide a
discount or donation if you ask and provide information on our non-profit


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> Can others on this list discuss how their branch or guild does the
> "own their own cooking and serving equipment" thing, please?
> Thanks.
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