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<<Can others on this list discuss how their branch or guild does  the 
"own their own cooking and serving equipment" thing,  please?>>
Our shire owns a fair amount of serving materials, much of it picked up at  
local dollar stores and donated.  Everything is marked with the shire  initials 
with a dremel tool.  Over the years we have periodically picked up  items 
from the restaurant supply store when the shire has voted money to do  so.  We've 
also had things like an electric roaster and some electric fry  pans donated. 
 We also usually have a small supply of dry goods.
We have a quartermaster whose job it is to keep an inventory, but we don't  
have a really good system for that.  It is currently stored in a shire  
member's basement.  She would like to get it out and suggests that since I  am the 
primary cook of the group, it should be under my control but we really  don't 
have room for it either.  Another shire member is working on cleaning  out a 
storage unit that they used to store things while moving and has offered  to pass 
it along to us for use when they have all their stuff out, and the shire  has 
agreed to that.
We do feast or at least an extensive lunch at nearly every event we run, so  
almost everything gets used on a pretty regular basis.
Brangwayna Morgan

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