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On Fri, 22 Feb 2008, Terry Decker wrote:

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>>> One must not deprive the King of his rightful share of your bounty.
>> Heh. Got one word for you. Rent. See what the curia thinks of their profit
>> after each group spends twice what they would have buying the cookware
>> renting what they need for a single event.
>> toodles, margaret
> Adamantius would be the one dealing with a curia.  In Ansteorra, you would
> be 'splainin' to the Kingdom Seneschal and Exchequer, just how you managed
> to blow a profitable event.  An incipient shire has a better chance of
> getting away with this one than a 30+ year barony with long term players
> that should know better.  Irritating the PTB, is liable to get the group a
> serious change of management.
> Now, I have nothing against renting equipment.  We've rented tables, chairs,
> vans, trailers, canvas and any number of other things needed to pull off an
> event.  I considered renting a propane fueled convection oven at one point.
> But to use rentals to stick it to the man is likely to get renting
> prohibited.  Not something I want to do when it may save the barony's bacon
> down the road.

To be honest, understood. (and there are also ways to plan ahead). 
Although it was phrased that way, this was intended as a serious "stick 
it to the man" suggestion, it's an (apparently failed) attempt at
humorously stating that this is, perhaps, not the best thought-out
economic move on the part of said Curia, and it might not be a bad idea for
someone to run the numbers on "how will the various alternatives effect 
event funding, staffing, and bids/" especially for special large events
like a like a coronation.

I'd also be curious about what brought about this particular policy change 
-- the kingdom losing a few bucks on kingdom events, honestly, wouldn't be 
plausible as the main reason for such a change in this part of the world 
(part, perhaps, but not a main reason). Were people abusing event funds with their purchases -- for 
example, purchasing expensive equipment not actually used at the event? 
Was the former policy noted as against society exchequer policies?

toodles, margaret

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