[Sca-cooks] Paper revision

Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 23 10:38:20 PST 2008

>Gianotta said:
><<< Back on a food topic, I'm revamping my paper on Muslims in  
>Sicily, and in the recipes section, plan to compare more Arab- 
>descended Sicilian and mainland dishes with medieval Arab recipes:  
>for example, pasticcio ibn al-Thumna with bazmaward; scapece alla  
>Vastese with samak musakbaj; sfinci with isfunj; qubbaita with  
>fustuqiyya; and martorana with samak wa-Aqras (I chose this recipe  
>because the resulting paste is put into wooden molds and made into  
>fish, lambs, loaves, etc. ? and there is still a tradition today in  
>Sicily of molding marzipan with wooden and plaster molds,  
>particularly the Easter lambs and the St. Joseph's day hearts). >>>

Stefan said:

>I've probably missed earlier comments on this since I've had to skip  
>some digests for now, but I would be interested in considering your  
>paper for the Florilegium. I'm afraid I don't have that much on  
>Sicily in there now. I can hold off publishing it until it is  
>published somewhere else if that is what you are writing it for, or  
>your A&S display or whatever.

I'm not planning on publishing the food portion of this paper elsewhere, and I would be honored to have it on the Florilegium. I've also been researching the dance and costume of the Sicilian dancing girls at the court, that I do plan for another paper, maybe for TI.

If you would like to see the first version of this paper, which I did as a general overview of Sicilian Muslim history during the Norman reign, I'd be happy to pass it on, but I am expanding it to include some information on the colony of Lucera in Apulia as well as expanding the recipes section ... it's a PDF file with images, but I can edit it to a Word file without images if you'd like.


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