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Niccolo wrote:
"I thought that at least a little while during the "Middle Ages" of Europe,
Galicia was an "independent Kingdom", though."

< < < < < No.  Suey > > > > > > > >

I need assistance.  I did a quick look on the internet to find that Garcia
II was allotted Galicia when his fahter's Kingdom got divied up, and in
1065 proclaimed the independence of the Kingdom of Galicia and Portugal.  It
stayed an independent Kingdom from 1065 to 1072 when a brother re-annexed
it, then another brother after him.  Seems it set a huge foundation for
Portugese nationalism and later independence.  Galicia remained a Kingdom of
some sort (various amounts of self-government)under the Kingdom of Leon, for
quite a while.  Not what we'd call "Spain" yet until Castillian unification
under Ferdinand and Isabella, if I understand what I read on a bunch of
sites . . . none of which are really complete in the history.

We didn't learn about this one in school . . . I had to play a board game to
learn it was a Kingdom :o)

niccolo difrancesco

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