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Tue Feb 26 12:40:11 PST 2008

I had a friend who was burnt by the specific thing that this would be
trying to ban: the group had little serving gear, and at the instigation
of a charming seneschal, decided that cooking and serving gear could ONLY

In other words, though the group *had* money, the event *made* money and
the seneschal/event steward looked good-- they had fixed it so the cook
either had to buy the feast service stuff out of his own pocket or scant
the actual feast FOOD from the feast budget to make up for the cost of the
serving gear.

The list of irresponsible mofos making financial policy or allowing others
to make financial policy about what cooks can and cannot do in order to
benefit themselves or make themselves gets longer and longer. *sigh*

> Recently (as of, I believe, the most recent Curia Regis in our
> kingdom) it has been declared illegal for local groups to put any
> capital expenditures for items that will then be owned by the group
> and re-used into specific event financial structures. Apparently
> groups were buying pots and pans for Kingdom Twelfth Night, etc., and
> including them as event expenses, which then reduced the gross profits
> the Kingdom could then scoop their cut off of! Oh, the unbelievable,
> shocking perfidy of it all! ;-)

-- Jenne Heise / Jadwiga Zajaczkowa
jenne at fiedlerfamily.net

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