[Sca-cooks] Galician independence & Juana la Loca

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 15:04:38 PST 2008

Nick wrote:
> I did a quick look on the internet to find that Garcia
> II was allotted Galicia when his fahter's Kingdom got divied up, and in
> 1065 proclaimed the independence of the Kingdom of Galicia and Portugal.  It
> stayed an independent Kingdom from 1065 to 1072 when a brother re-annexed
> it, then another brother after him.  Seems it set a huge foundation for
> Portugese nationalism and later independence.  Galicia remained a Kingdom of
> some sort (various amounts of self-government)under the Kingdom of Leon, for
> quite a while.  Not what we'd call "Spain" yet until Castillian unification
> under Ferdinand and Isabella, if I understand what I read on a bunch of
> sites . . . none of which are really complete in the history.
    Garcia II was called the King of Portugal when he governed Galicia 
and Portugal the two areas separating them from Leon. Saying that 
Galicia was independent is drawing a fine line being that it was 
connected to Portugal - but technically you are correct.
    Spain was not unified by Ferdinand and Isabella. Each governed their 
respective kingdoms of Aragon and Castille. Juana la Loca, their 
daughter and heiress, unified the two kingdoms when Ferdinand died.in 
1516.  She reigned both kingdoms with her son Charles I of Spain and 
Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire until her death in 1555..

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