[Sca-cooks] Juana la Loca

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 06:46:14 PST 2008

Ana Valdes wrote:
> Juana la Loca was inprisoned in a cloister for many years and it was
> her son, Charles the l of Spain and the V of Austria and the Holy
> Roman Empire, who ruled in her name. He was born in the 1500. When he
> come from Flanders to Spain he didn't speak a word Castilian  and
> ruled through his Flemish ministers and cardinals. The cities of
> Castilla started a rebellion and were subjuged. Charles abdicated 1555
> in favor of his son Philip the ll. During Juanas madness and
> incapacity Spain (or Castilla and Aragon and Navarra and many other
> smaller kingdoms and fiefs) were ruled by her father Ferdinand and for
> her son with a Council of Regency.
    The extent to which Juana was crazy is debatable. She could have 
been totally mad or simply a victim of migraine headaches like her 
    Ferdinand ruled Castile in her name but Aragon and Navarra in his 
until his death in 1516. Then Charles shared the kingship with her. All 
documents requiring the king or queen's signature had to be and were 
signed by her as well as Charles. Juana died in 1555 and he ruled in his 
own right for one year as he abdicated in 1556. A requirement of the 
Cortes was that he speak Spanish which he learned (badly) when he came 
to Spain. He spoke five languages, French was his mother tongue. It was 
his father Philip the Handsome who did not speak Spanish and who brought 
Flemish ministers and cardinals to Castile. Ferdinand and Castellans did 
did not like that. He died suddenly after a soccer match in Burgos in 
1506 one year after Isabel died of breast cancer.

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