[Sca-cooks] Iberian Peninsula

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 17:26:57 PST 2008

Stgefan wrote:
> niccolo commented:
> <<< It's been lots of fun learning about the history of that region,  
> though :o)
> Probably impacted foodways and cultural integration for centuries  
> what with
> the Romans, Gaelics, Moors, and subsequent Kingdom realignments.>>>
> Not to mention the enigma of the Basques, who had a big impact on the  
> area and apparently outside of it, since they seem to have provided  
> the navigators for much of the early New World exploration.
> Unfortunately, like many (most?) Americans I don't know much about  
> the various regions and nationalities of the Iberian Peninsula.
> I have just added this request to my "article request list" for the  
> Florilegium. Sometime I'll even finally get around to getting this  
> list online.  :-) 
> "9) During the Middle Ages, the Iberian peninsula (now composed of  
> Spain, Portugal and the British possession of Gibraltar) was a  
> variety of shifting regions and nationalities. An article contrasting  
> the different areas and/or the history of the peninsula would be of  
> interest."
> If anyone has further ideas for this list or would like to see the  
> list to perhaps look for article ideas, please email me and I'll send  
> it or get it online. Like the Florilegium, this list is not just  
> confined to cooking and food subjects.
> Stefan

Thanks a bunch. I know I am one of the people who should contrast 
Iberian regions with respect to foods but the words don't pop into my
 head. Yes I know lard here and olive oil there, rice here and legumes 
there but I have never made an outline of the products. I know I should 
try to do it but I need help.
    Please I do not want to get into American exploration and foods 
carried there or visa versa..

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