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I've sveral books in my libarary that touch on these subjects, I'll quote 
from Isabella of Spain by Walsh as that is the first I picked up.  page 478:

"The archdutchess left for Flanders in the spring of 1504, greatly impoved 
in body and mind at the prospect of seeing the husband she idolized. 
Phillip at first recieved her with kindness, and on the surface they 
appeared reconciled, until Juana struck his mistress and cut off her 
beautiful hair one evening in the presence of the whole court and the 
foreign ambassadors."


page 479

It was well for the Queen (Isabella) that she could not foresee the tme when 
Juana would keep the corpse of her husband with her for months, expecting it 
to come to life..."

I have a biography of Juana around some where and some other books that 
touch on the subject of her alleged insanity.  This weekend I'll look 


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> Where are you coming from Daniel? Personally I 'die' in 1474 so Juana is
> after my studies terminate but where did you receive the info about the
> moonlight trek, the house of religion and the rage scene in the nunnery?
> I have cautioned you about ambitious propaganda to justify kindomhood. I
> really cannot believe what you are saying.
> Suey
>> Was written:
>>> >I wouldn't characterize homicidal rage at the paramours of a roving 
>>> >husband
>>> > as being insane, although any good modern defense attorney would 
>>> > likely
>>> > try
>>> > for temporary insanity.
>>> >
>>> > As for the items, they could be artifacts of a strange but perfectly 
>>> > sane
>>> > system of religion and beliefs.  They are not necessarily any stranger
>>> > than
>>> > some of the core beliefs in the world's major religions.
>>> >
>> Well going after a paramour with a pair of scissors and shearing her
>> like a ewe does have style. What impressed me was that strange
>> reported incident during the moonlight trek. After traveling all night
>> they stopped at house of religion to rest. Juana flew into a rage when
>> she discovered that it was a nunnery and would not let any of the nuns
>> near the coffin. That seems to me well out there and beyond even by
>> what I understand to be the standards of the day. Daniel
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