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Suey commented:
<<< I used the word soccer cause my North American brother-in-law can't
follow our conversations if we say football.You are absolutely right and
I discovered a painting in a private home in Belgium a few years ago of
that last match of Philip I with his Flemish court in Burgos against the
Spaniards. The owner explained to me the rules of the game, which
unfortunately I did not write down, - that match is very different that
today's football/soccer. >>>

I just looked at this file in the ENTERTAINMENT section of the  
Florilegium, hoping that there would be some rules listed and you  
could see if these sounded familiar to you.

Football-art       (6K)  6/ 9/07    “Football” by THL Dagonell  
                                        of Emerald Lake.

Unfortunately it is just a short article and doesn't go into the  
rules for the various versions, although it does say
<<< As you may have realized, the potential for mayhem was enormous.  
Documented instances of crippling injuries, including several  
fatalities, abound. A papal dispensation was issued in 1321 to a  
player who accidentally killed an opponent. Kings Edward II, Edward  
III, Richard II, Henry V, Henry VI, Lord Oliver Cromwell, and Queen  
Elizabeth I, all prohibited the game due to the number of injuries it  
caused and because it took time away from archery practice. The laws  
were ignored.

In the mid-fifteenth century, a variation called "Kicking Camp"  
developed. The ball could ONLY be kicked, not carried or thrown. This  
game later developed into European football, called Soccer. The game  
of American Football evolved from the original game of "Gameball"  
which continued to be played right up to the Renaissance. >>>

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