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I am just now in Asturias, a principate (not sure off the spelling,
sorry) where my Spanish ancestors were born. Fantastic local food,
many recipes from the Middle Ages. Will write at lenght when I return
home to Stockholm. Heading for London in a few hours.

2008/2/28, Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com>:
> Suey replied to me with:
> > Unfortunately, like many (most?) Americans I don't know much about
> > the various regions and nationalities of the Iberian Peninsula.
> >
> > I have just added this request to my "article request list" for the
> > Florilegium. Sometime I'll even finally get around to getting this
> > list online.  :-)
> >
> > "9) During the Middle Ages, the Iberian peninsula (now composed of
> > Spain, Portugal and the British possession of Gibraltar) was a
> > variety of shifting regions and nationalities. An article contrasting
> > the different areas and/or the history of the peninsula would be of
> > interest."
> >
> > If anyone has further ideas for this list or would like to see the
> > list to perhaps look for article ideas, please email me and I'll send
> > it or get it online. Like the Florilegium, this list is not just
> > confined to cooking and food subjects.
> >
> > Stefan
> <<< Thanks a bunch. I know I am one of the people who should contrast
> Iberian regions with respect to foods but the words don't pop into my
>   head. Yes I know lard here and olive oil there, rice here and legumes
> there but I have never made an outline of the products. I know I should
> try to do it but I need help. >>>
> Okay, I hadn't realized that there could be that big a contrast
> between different areas of the Iberian Peninsula. I figured the food
> would be fairly similar throughout the area and that any olive oil/
> lard differentiation would be between further north in Europe and the
> Mediterranean region. So if there were regional differences that big,
> it might make a good article.
> But I'm not even sure how many different regions there were or are or
> how they are related now or through our period of study. So I was
> thinking originally of more broad articles on regions/cultures/
> historic comparisons/overviews. Something more for us uneducated
> masses, at least to start off with. Even a suggested bibliography or
> a review of books on the region would be good. Was Moorish influence
> uniform throughout the area, changing perhaps from south to north? Or
> was it more broken up than that? Of course more scholarly articles
> would be of interest as well.
> The number of folks in the SCA with personas centered on the British
> Isles is much greater proportionally than their population or even
> their historical impact on the real Middle Ages. Part of this is
> because there is more material available in their native language
> (English or American) than for other cultures with the possible
> exception of some cultures like the Viking Norse. I'd like to
> encourage folks to learn about other cultures as well.
> Stefan
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