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Thu Feb 28 06:44:06 PST 2008

<< I found a reference to another German cookbook.  Is this the same Rumpolt who wrote "Ein Neu Kochbook".   I'd guess that it is.  The frontispiece has the same picture of cooks,  Is this cookbook available  in reproduction?  Does anyone know anything about it?


> an early German cookbook, Ein Brundtli the Belchreibung/wei manrecht und rool... by M. Marren Rumpolt, (Franckfort am Main, 1587)

I'm writing a handout about my translation project, and looking for background information about the book. >>

Looking at the image with the title page, it becomes clear that
this is the second edition of Rumpolt's cookbook, published in 1587.

Obviously, the person mentioning the title, had some difficulties with the script.

The correct title is:

Ein new Kochbuch/

Das ist/

Ein Gründtliche

Beschreibung/ wie man recht vnd

wol/ nicht allein von vierfüßigen/ ... etc.

Durch M. Marxen Rumpolt (? I guess, this is too small to read)



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