[Sca-cooks] Sauces for Caerthe

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 2 14:03:57 PST 2008

Thank you all for your suggestions, excpecially the
ready to use recipes!
As I dont have the chicken innards (I will be
purchasing pre-roasted chickens from the closest
grocery deli) so that one is not an optin.

I think I will do the orange juice with a bit of
cinnamon and sugar - it wont be thick but it will be
yummy.  (thickening with cornstarch is tempting but I
was trying to stay close to period and preferably
15-16th century French)

Also I have about 12 heads of garlic and one lb of
almonds.. so will work out something there.  I was
VERY tempted by the horseradish sauce... and may still
change my mind.

In Service
Gwen Cat

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