[Sca-cooks] Sauces for Caerthe, was Ansteorra Central Regional 12th Night

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Thu Jan 3 15:02:34 PST 2008

Re the sauces i sent... i'd recommend pre-testing these recipes.

I like things quite hot and many folks in my area deal well with hot 
food. But you (generic "you") will probably benefit by adjusting them 
to suit your personal taste or your locality.

Also, as i mentioned with the "transcendent" horseradish sauce, it 
would benefit from sitting overnight to mellow a little.

And finally, i don't recall if i mentioned this, but the first time i 
made one (the Spanish sauce) we didn't grate the root finely enough.

The second time (the German recipe) i used an acquaintance's Vitamix, 
a blender-like machine with a motor stronger than some lawn mowers 
(we had a discussion about it on this list). TheVitamix ground that 
big hard horseradish root into a fine puree in seconds!!!

Then i had to run gasping to open every door and window on the ground 
floor of the house to let the intense fumes from the horseradish out 
:-) Not long after i made it, my house mates came home and wondered 
what had happened. So i recommend being prepared to deal with it. But 
i have to say that fresh root is so much better than commercial, and 
you get to skip the artificial colors and chemical additives.

Ah, but it was definitely worth it.

And finally, for most sauces, i made too much. Except the one based 
on orange marmalade, of which there was very little left and that got 
whisked away. So besides testing for taste, you may want to adjust 
the quantity. Our feasts are relatively small (60-80 people) and i 
think i often ended up with enough for 100-120.
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