[Sca-cooks] Seeking Almond Paste "Bacon" Recipe

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Sun Jan 6 09:41:31 PST 2008


This is from Lancelot de Casteau's Ovverture de Cuisine" which was published 
in 1604 after he had retired from many long years of service as master chef 
for the princes of Liege:

68. To make some German bacon.
Take a pound of almonds peeled, and ground very fine, adding a bit of rose 
water, half a pound of sugar mixed with some almonds, then put it on the 
fire in a cauldron or frying pan, and turn it over well with a wooden ladle 
so much and such a long time that the almonds become like dough which is 
manageable, then mix the almonds continually with the hand until they are 
cold, then take half of your almonds, and make a cover the size of a hand. 
Note that it is necessary that half of the almonds be made red with rosette 
of Paris, until you see that they are red enough for your taste, then you 
will take this cover put the one on the other firstly the white and the red, 
afterwards thus following until all are the one on the other, then flatten 
the dough with the hand all beautifully, in order that they stick the one to 
the other, then cut it into slices the thickness of half a finger, and put 
it on some paper in an oven slowly without being too hot.

I hope this helps,


> A few years ago, someone made a dessert that looked like bacon but was 
> made of  layers of plain almond paste, and red-colored almond paste (with 
> red saunders). I belive it was a dish for Lent.

> I'm not sure of the source, but i know it was definitely "period" and 
> European. I wonder if anyone on this list knows of it.

> Thanks,
> -- 
> Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)

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