[Sca-cooks] Caid Twelfth Night

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 6 17:01:25 PST 2008

I would like to add a delighted report on a Twelfth Night feast 
yesterday, headed by Lord Dragon Georglev syn Rudelin, whom I am 
unabashed at having recommended to the post of Feast Chef for a kingdom 
event for the very first time. [Whereupon he immediately tapped me back 
as the event's sous-chef, which jolly well served me right.] The menu 
was accessible by any "picky" diner, while medieval sophistication could 
be added through the options of period sauces. We saw some seriously 
sensible delegation skills, including sending out the roasted meats to 
be executed by a member of his barony whose people had been "meat men" 
for generations, and the breads to be baked by Lord Egil and Lady 
Dananir [who were also co-ordinating the merchants for the day, whew 
busy day!] I didn't even know these two worthies baked -- well I know 
now. Hee. Plot plot scheme.

Drinks were handled by the master of Caid's Brewer's Guild and his 
apprentice, with separate staffing for its dispensation. Actually, 
staffing was pleasingly plentiful all around! Usually, half the 
volunteers flake and that's when the weather is GOOD, which this day was 

Dragon is posting the recipes to the Caid list already, in parts. I will 
relay them here, with his permission.

First Course:
Mushroom Soup [creamy creamy good and you -know- how SCA folks generally 
love mushrooms - a great starter]
Grilled Sausage [home made]
Lentil Salad [Just cooked enough to be crunchy - not your father's 
boring lentil soup!]
Dark Sweet Rye Bread
Spiced White hippocras

Second Course:
Roast Beef
Roast Chicken
Assorted Sauces [Three of them: Garlic/Walnut, Orange and 
Horseradish/Almond, with big thanks to Lady Urtatim for that long post 
to SCA-Cooks last week! Seriously, you saved the day.]
Baked Leeks [Also creamy, but it was a good day for creamy things. One 
of Dragon's signature dishes]
Asparagus Pilaf [This should probably be described as asparagus -and- 
rice pilaf]
Cheese Pastry “Castles” [a sensible soteltie -- sugarpaste would have 
melted on such a rainy day]
Apple cider

Third Course: [By which time the diners were weeping]
Pomme Doryles (Meatballs) and Ginger Carrots
Challah Bread
Spiced Red hippocras

Dessert Course:
Quince Flan [a chilled custard with a hot quince sauce poured over - 
quince is an ancient Mediterranean tradition for the Day of the Three Kings]
Sweet Date and Nut Bread [Kind of reminiscent of ma'moul, in a long roll 
and cut crosswise]
Fresh Fruit [what looked good in the store that day were tangerines and 
honeydew melons]

Their Majesties did request the kitchen crew into the hall for their 
round of applause, and in addition did present them with tokens of 
thanks. I had secretly commissioned a short work about "the dragon chef" 
from "speed poet" Lord Secca, which he did recite for the crowd's 
amusement and edification.

Then it was Back To Work. Fortunately the excellent Twelfth Night 
Staffing situation included a squad of washer-uppers, which mostly 
liberated the cooks from most of this. Huzzah for the cleanup crew, truly.

This did I see, cook, and wash up:
Selene Colfox, Caid

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