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Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Sun Jan 6 18:03:20 PST 2008

As usual, Adamantius makes more of it than what it is, but that's one
of his talents ;-) Kicking and screaming indeed- just because I said
I'd rather be in Philadelphia....

What happened, as near as I can construe, was that I was supposed to
be at the Baronial Investiture, to see friends made B&B, but couldn't
make it due to lack of a vehicle, among other things- really hated
missing that event, too, just because they're friends, and thus, I
gather, missed being awarded there. Anyway, in the meantime, I've been
looking for a job, and am now mostly hired by the Post Office, which
means that my Saturdays for some time will be taken up- I likely won't
be able to get out to many events. But, I'm not fully hired yet, so
when a Big Birdie told me I had better get to an event- a Bigger
Birdie required my presence somewhere, I kinda twigged to what was
going on, more or less, and despite my reluctance, felt, that since
obviously a number of people were going to some trouble to give me
whatever award it was ( I didn't know for sure, but I'm not stupid)
the least I could do was pay them respect in return, so I figured out
an event, 12th Night, and went to it.

One of the difficulties is that 12th Night is a big political,
see-and-be-seen event, which is exactly the sort of thing I tend to
avoid. I mean, I really hate dealing with politics- life's too short.
Give me some tools and some material, and maybe some students, and I'm
happy.Furthermore, it was held on a non-smoking, non-drinking school
site, in the middle of what is turning out to be a rough winter- oh,
thrills- as far away from me as it is possible to be, and still be in
this Barony- 2 hour drive.

Sigh. OK, A.

So, I contacted the Head Cook for the feast, and volunteered my
services, such as they are, so I at least had something interesting to
do all day, and away I went. I tried, once, going to an event here in
the EK and just hanging out, and was bored cross-eyed. I'm no service
martyr, but I find myself helping out a lot, just because it's so much
more fun to do something productive ;-)

This was the lady's first feast, and she did a very good job. It
wasn't 100% documentable (which as most of you know is my preference),
but over all, it was pretty close, and the food was excellent, so I
was very happy to have been a part of that. And, it was held in a very
nice kitchen, with all kinds of neat toys, all of which worked, so I
had great fun with that ;-) And, as it happened, I made friends with
the staff member who was there to watch us, and she showed me where
she hid out for a smoke, so I figured I was safe, whenever I needed
one ;-) I'll likely tell you more about the feast later- it was an
attempt at period Spanish, with advice from Mistress Brighid- an
excellent first attempt ;-)

Anyway, as an attempt to pay respect to the folks that were honoring
me, I had made new garb. Most of you know I don't much care what I
look like, usually, as long as my clothing starts out reasonably
clean, is reasonably medievaloid, and is comfortable enough for me to
work in, but, I've been doing some research on my persona, and
stashing various bits of fabric away as I can afford them (you know
you're in the SCA when you have 200 yards of fabric, and as much trim,
and you don't sew), and Rob agreed to sew me up an outfit. He made me
a tunic and trews out of natural colored raw silk (I had acquired that
at a Silent Auction at a Metalsmith's Symposium) and a dalmatica out
of some 60% Hemp 40% Silk blend that my apprentice, Naz, had given me
) that I had dyed (I've been experimenting with dyeing a bit) using a
vegetable dye in golden yellow (almost a saffron) as the base, and
overdyeing with an animal specific acid dye, so my fabric wound up as
a bright red with golden highlights, not, as some Western Barbarians
would have it, a dark orange ;-) And he also made me a wool cloak out
of a couple of grey Navy blankets he had- most of New Years weekend,
Margali didn't see either of us, as we were up in my new apartment in
the barn making this stuff. I also had some assorted leather I'd been
saving, so I used a Tandy moccasin pattern
(http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/products.asp?number=6035-00 )
modified a bit, to make myself a pair of boots while Rob was working
away on the sewing machine. Boots were black leather, knee high, with
the fringe converted to a flap, which had the same trim he was using
in blue on the dalmatica, in red (I managed to acquire a bunch of
identical wide trim, in two colors in a flea market deal). Overall,
the outfit looked pretty good, so I at least was able to return some
respect ;-)

So, due to the vagaries of the roads and maps, I got turned around (I
never get lost, just occasionally the rest of the world isn't where
it's supposed to be) I arrived late (about 10:30 instead of the 9 AM
I'd intended) so hadda jump in and help get dayboard up and running-
took a while to get out and troll in (where I found a young man who
had just gotten home from Iraq, who wanted something to do, so I
acquired him for the kitchen). Food was working along fine. When Court
started, I headed to the back, took off my apron (my Head Cook had
made a bunch to give us) and headgear (professional kitchen, with
inspectors possibly showing up) and cleaned up, put my dalmatica back
on, and watched the kitchen doings until I got hauled out and awarded.

Now, understand, I'm going through this stuff up to this point,
because it's the Right Thing to do, not because it's anything I want,
beyond getting my Art and my Metalsmiths more recognition and respect,
so I'm going through the motions, I figured, mostly for other folks'
benefit. And, I knealt before the Crown, and chitchatted, then finally
hadda tell him, sotto voce, he'd hafta get me up- my knees couldn't
take any more (all morning on a concrete floor hurts), and he got me
to my feet (Icefalcon's a strong man- was impressed) and it wasn't
until I got back to the back and was getting the welcoming hugs from
all the members of the Order, that I realized, that most of these
folks (I didn't know some) are the people I like and respect most,
ever since I've come over to the EK. And, I think then, it was that I
appreciated, really, the honor they'd done me, to ask me to join that
crew- even Jadwiga, whose temper I will ever strive to emulate (don't
ask, folks ;-).

So, thank you, and particular thanks to my new fellow members of the Manche ;-)

On Jan 6, 2008 3:53 PM, Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius
<adamantius1 at verizon.net> wrote:
> Yesterday, after months of activity on the part of a Vast Monarchic
> Conspiracy (with help from some others), Lady Philippa Ferraria (sp?),
> a.k.a. Phlip, was hunted down and hauled, kicking and screaming, into
> court at East Kingdom Twelfth Night, and there inducted into the Order
> of the Manche, which is the East's Order of High Merit for achievement
> in and service to the Arts and Sciences.
> It can be given for surpassing competence in Diverse Arts or
> excellence in one or more. In Phlip's case recognition was for
> multiple arts, including metalworking and cookery.
> I think technically the award was given, or was supposed to be given,
> at the Saint Andrew's/Baronial Investiture in the Barony of an
> Dubhaigeainn back in early November, but there was some sort of glitch
> and the actual court date had been rescheduled.
> So congratulations to Lady Philippa! We're all thrilled to see you get
> this award, and also pretty amused as we watch you try to behave
> yourself ;-).
> Adamantius (who never never never cheats at cards, or is sick at sea)

Saint Phlip

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Repent as necessary.


It's the smith who makes the tools, not the tools which make the smith.

.I never wanted to see anybody die, but there are a few obituary
notices I have read with pleasure. -Clarence Darrow

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