[Sca-cooks] Problems with sausage

jenne at fiedlerfamily.net jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Mon Jan 7 07:57:07 PST 2008

> I'm really enjoying making and researching sausage and I want to do more
> presentations and feasts using cased sausage. But I've run into problems.
> The main problem is that every sausage I've made has been too lean and
> a little dry. For 12th Night I even added lard into the mix to get enough
> fat into them but all that happened was once cooked the outer surface
> was greasy and they were still too lean.

The sausage recipe from Granada that Brighid redacted and that I cooked
for my first feast came out beautiful, and certainly the right blend of
fat and lean-- perhaps the beef suet and the cheese help. I webbed it

-- Jenne Heise / Jadwiga Zajaczkowa
jenne at fiedlerfamily.net

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