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This is the Amalric of Amalric and Kia?  Wonderful folk!  I have a picture of me leading him to a giant cooler filled with beers, etc and he is a** over head into it.  At that same event he came over to our (then) Baron, Temur (who opens beverages with a stainless steel band he wears on his wrist but it hidden by his garb) and we died laughing when Amalric was telling how he tried and tried but just could not get the hang of opening bottles with his fingernails.

They camp across the road from us a Pennsic and Amalric likes to come over and be #1 wok boy on our Mongolian Night dinner.

He is also the Crown that awarded me a AoA.  For a couple of years I wore a "boot" because I screwed up a tendon in my ankle (which got surgically corrected by re-routing another one so I could use my toes).  At the time I was called into Court I clomped in and just as he was holding up his hand to tell me to please stand, I dropped to the cement floor with a sound so loud the crowd as far back as the 8th row cringed.  Getting me up was not fun.  I was basically dragged out and set aright.


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> Interesting conversation...
> I knelt at my elevation. And yes, I needed help getting up.
> Fortunately I had James on one side and my friend Vesta (lady fighter
> with much musklz ;-)) to help me up. Another thing that helped is
> that there was a little low bench to kneel on, and it was easier to
> get up from that then it would have been from the usual pillow.
> At last 12th Night, however, I was miserable. I was on retinue and on
> the wardrobe team, and with all the thank-you's, I was up and down a
> lot. Amalric made a point of coming down from the dais to help me up.
> (I've never had a King do that before, and I was deeply honored that
> he did so.) After a few though, I stopped kneeling and simply stood
> to the back of the group. I don't think anyone minded.
> 'Lainie
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