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Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 13:13:29 PST 2008

Olwin the Odd shares "hmmm......... bigger brains because of cooking...."
Interesting theory.  We discussed something like this a few years back in my Introductory Anthropology class.  The opposite of this theory is that domestication actually shrinks the brain.  They offered as evidence the generalization that the domesticated sheep brain is 1/3 smaller than it’s wild cousins, that that the homo-X brain (aside from configuration) has gotten smaller in the time since Homo-hablis became Homo-sapiens.
My personal take on the sheep brain is … would pastoralists WANT smart sheep?   I mean, think about it … the sheep that were domesticated were the ones that got caught (ie … not the brightest of the lot).  By breeding the domesticated sheep with other domesticated sheep, and then expecting less of the domesticated sheep so that brain function was not necessary …. Well … there are parallels there too that may not be safe to elaborate on here.
And after all ... it is all just who has the best guess anyway.
Who in the real world has studied Anthropology and Geology (heaven help me).

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