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<<For the worth of it, Artemisia has mostly adapted the policy  (depending on 
who sits the current crown of course) that those who are unable to  kneel, 
stand.  There is generally no need to beg boon of the crown to do so  (though it 
is polite to do so anyway).>>
The East does not require it either if one is unable.  Depending on  the 
king, it is more or less easy to let them know you can't.  When I was  pregnant 
with my son and called up for my vigil and then my Laureling, the King  told me 
in no uncertain terms, without my even asking, that I was NOT PERMITTED  to 
kneel due to my condition.  Which was kind of annoying, since I was  still 
perfectly capable of it at the time.
The East also owns (and I know this for certain because I helped make it) a  
padded kneeling bench with raised handles on the sides, akin to a gardener's  
bench.  It doesn't come out all that often, though, as it is extremely  
Norse/Viking in style and doesn't necessarily fit in with the theme of all  reigns.
Brangwayna Morgan

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