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Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Jan 8 08:22:10 PST 2008

I found some news mentions that say:
2007-11-05 12:12:53
Cardamom prices shoot up /Commodity Online /

KOCHI: Fall in production and good demand has again added spice to the
cardamom market in Kumily and Tamil Nadu.
According to Sabu George in Rajakumari, a cardamom trader, the Cardamom
Processing and Marketing Company (CPMC) auction at Kumily witnessed a
price increase of Rs 30 a kg from last week’s auction price.

Cardamom prices up

New Delhi, (PTI): Cardamom prices firmed up by Rs 10 per kg in the 
wholesale kirana market on Thursday on paucity of ready stocks amid 
increased local demand.

Cardamom small Chitridar, colour robin, bold and extra bold hardened to 
Rs 430-500, Rs 550-560, Rs 570-580 and Rs 600-620 against previous close 
of Rs 420-490, Rs 540-550, Rs 560-570 and Rs 595-615 a kg respectively.

Marketmen said increased demand coupled with restricted supplies mainly 
pushed up cardamom prices.



Sharon Gordon wrote:
> I was looking for something else today at the grocery store and noticed that cardamom is over $130 a pound.  So I checked Penzey's which is better at a little over $50 a pound.  Anyone know of more frugal sources?
> How hard is it to grow?
> Sharon

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