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Adele de Maisieres ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
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Olwen the Odd wrote:

>>I like goatee stories. As one of you blew my bubble on goatie goats who > ate coffee beans, therefore, the discovery of coffee in the Middle East! > Here's another - now I've got another one:> Goats came in handy as laudanum collecting devices from rockrose. > While they munched on the plant, the oil stuck to their beards. Annually > the beards were cut and the oil extracted, i.e. those that the pharaohs > did not keep for themselves. They glued the goatees to their chins in > order to smell good and that is how the word for this type of beard came > into being. The other goatees were heated, which released the oils. > Laudanum came to substitute ambergris.> Has any tasted rockrose seed bread? What does it taste like?> Suey> 
>I am facinated by this story.  Where did you learn such a story?  The pharaohs are always depicted as having a goatee it seems.  How very funny to think they are a wig.  And even more odd to think they didn't smell like goat.  Did they wash them?  How long do you think between goatee changes?  Yearly?  How could the smell stay that long?  I have so many images and questions in my head.

Well, elsewhere, it's asseted that the false beards were tied on, not 
glued on, and mainly worn for state occasions-- not every day.  They 
were made from goat hair, but were quite elaborately made-- not just a 
goat's beard stuck onto a human chin.

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