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<<Is this one, or the one made for the East (?) Kingdom based on  a  
period piece or on period illustrations? Or is this just an  SCA  
creation?  If the former, I'd love a how-to article on this  for other  
kingdoms/baronies etc. to use in creating their  own.>>
As far as the one for the East, I don't know if the overall pattern is  
period or not.  It was the work of three people - I did the embroidery,  which is 
wool on linen using period stitches (primarily outline/stem and split  stitch 
as I recall) and colors which were noted as popular on Norse things where  the 
color could be identified.  The beast is the Eastern Tyger modified to  look 
more like one of the more famous Norse gripping beast carvings (dang, can't  
remember which one) with twining foliage around it.
Another person did the shaping of the pieces, and I do not know what his  
inspiration was.  The third did the carving on the end pieces which were  also 
based on extant Norse artwork.
Brangwayna Morgan

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