[Sca-cooks] Goatee stories - Rockrose

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 16:14:19 PST 2008

Whenever I tell a goatee story someone wants to burst my bubble  :'( ! 
First Adele wrote I have a spelling error - dag-gone:

> I think you mean labdanum. Laudanum is tincture of opium.
Whooh, didn't know that. Many thanks.
Olwen is dear:

> I am facinated by this story.  Where did you learn such a story? 
How sweet someone likes the story :-* ! 
http://www.gardenforum.com/RockRoses.html I think which is no longer on 
line but if not there it is from my colleague Manuel Maria Vias Guitian. 
Either he is dead right or pulling my leg :-D . I don't know which but 
normally he is right on. By the way he is 75, has a goatee and appears 
to be a portrait of el Greco's.   
>  The pharaohs are always depicted as having a goatee it seems.  How very funny to think they are a wig.  And even more odd to think they didn't smell like goat.  Did they wash them?  How long do you think between goatee changes?  Yearly?  How could the smell stay that long?  I have so many images and questions in my head.
OK Olwen perhaps you missed one point that is that labdanum is a perfume 
product which replaced ambergris which came from whales. By 1870 Crete 
and Cypress were exporting of 10,000 lbs of labdanaum per year. Is that 
Moby Dick's fault?
No the pharaohs did not wash their goatees if this story is true or the 
smell would go away I would think. I would say they changed them 
whenever, perhaps daily - as one applies perfume you know like when you 
held audience with them and they wanted to smell good for you.
This product obviously is sticky as it sticks to goats' beards and to 
cloths so it seems gummy enough to apply to the chin.

"fanciful etymology" Adele wrote. Yes sometimes and no other times.  In this case I love goatee stories. You got one?

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