[Sca-cooks] Coffee mill documentation needed

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I have a book of period kitchen tools - I don't know if it covers Turkey, tho. remind me to look when I am home.


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I figured, this group would be a good place to post a request for information on 
a period culinary tool.  This gentle needs to document an artifact for use as an 
charge. Please post responses to this list and also cc: Teceangl at 
<tierna.britt at gmail.com>

Yours in service,
Dame Selene Colfox
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I'm having a difficult time finding a picture of a period Turkish
 coffee grinder. I read it described, I just can't find a picture.

 Now granted, I've only scratch the surface here and I have not delved
 into the bowels of the library.

 What I was wanting to know was whether or not there were heralds out
 there that might be coffee fanatics, archaeologists would be good too,
 :D who could tell me if there were any better sources.

 I never trust just one book. I need confirmation. I'm hoping to not
 spend a month trying to find it, that's all.


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